Bhargava ENT Clinic: Harbouring Trust among Patients

The Indian healthcare space has been rapidly evolving over the last few years. With the advent of technological advancement, new procedures and changes in surgical pathways, the healthcare landscape is witnessing an increased proliferation of super specialized procedures and doctors. The ENT space is no different and the industry today requires doctors who come with super specialization in their respective fields. Functioning since 1965, Bhargava ENT Clinic is an ENT facility built on the foundations of highly qualified and experienced doctors, Dr. Krishnakant Bhargava, Founder & Dr. Samir Bhargava, Director.

Armed with a well-equipped setup with the latest equipment such as Carl Zeiss ENT Microscope, Image I HD Camera, Karl Storz: Endoscopes and Karl Storz: Sialendoscope required for diagnosis and surgery, Bhargava ENT Clinic has cemented its position as one of the most trusted ENT establishments in the city of Mumbai. Going beyond treating routine ENT ailments, the clinic holds expertise in performing complex procedures such as Cochlear Implant Surgery, Skull base surgery, Cosmetic facial procedures and sialendoscopy surgery (facilities provided by very few center’s). Owing to the trust and goodwill earned over the years, the clinic is on the panel for corporates such as Air India & Jet Airways, and provides Cashless Mediclaim services for various TPAs.

Bhargava Ent Clinic

End-to-End ENT Services

Rendering an all comprehensive diagnostic and treatment experience to patients, Bhargava ENT Clinic holds expertise in dealing with all ailments pertaining to ear, voice, nose, throat, head, neck and salivatory glands. Ear diagnostics facilities include Pure Tone Audiometry, assessment of hearing loss, assessment of middle ear function and examination of ear under magnification. The clinic also specializes in managing vertigo, surgical treatments for ear discharge and deafness.

Bhargava ENT Clinic is adept at performing Rigid telelaryngoscopy, an office procedure performed to view the voice box with the aid of a 10mm telescope. Other voice related facilities offered by the ENT specialist are Flexible Laryngoscopy and Functional Endoscopic evaluation of Swallowing (FEES). Additionally, the facility’s trained therapists also provide patients with effective speech therapy through which speech and voice disorders are diagnosed and treated. The therapy helps patients manage swallowing disorders, treatment for stammering, and other speech disorders. Bhargava ENT Clinic is also capable of performing microsurgery of larynxwhich is avoice box surgery.

Bhargava ENT Clinic also possesses the expertise in providing nose related medical facilities such as diagnostic nasal endoscopy treatment of all kinds of nose complaints, endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal approach to certain ophthalmic conditions or skull base problems and cosmetic surgery. The well qualified medical practitioners at the clinic also perform complex surgeries pertaining to throat, head and neck such as tumour of head & neck, thyroid surgeries and parotid surgery.

Building an Exemplary Medical Legacy

The clinic’s 54-year legacy is built on Dr. Krishnakant Bhargava’s various accomplishments. Having served as a former professor & Head of ENT Department at LTM Medical College and Sion Hospital, he was also the President of the Association of Otolaryngologist of India in the Golden Jubilee year, 1998. Carrying forward his legacy is Dr. Samir Bhargava who has 27 years of experience in the field of Otorhinolaryngology and is an ENT Surgeon of National repute. Having served as the President of Association of Otolaryngologists of India- Mumbai in the year 2016-17, he has to his credit the DLO from Royal College of Surgeon, UK along with several other academic awards of repute. Being committed to imparting world class treatment to its patients, Bhargava ENT Clinic is moving ahead in its pursuit for excellence under their aegis.