ITE                                                   BTE                                                    CIC
     In the Ear                                   Behind the Ear                         Completely in the canal 


Q) How does the hearing aid work ? 

A Hearing aid is an electronic device which magnifies sounds selectively in various frequencies. For using a hearing aid, the patient should get his ears examined and an audiogram should be obtained. Audiogram is a graphic record of the hearing.  (ITE)
 A hearing aid which matches with the audiogram should be tried by the patient for a few minutes. If it is suitable, it can be purchased. To have better fitting, an ear mould having the shape of the ear of the patient is prepared for the hearing aid. Besides the old pockets type of hearing aids, smaller behind the ear hearing aids are also available. Of late, very small hearing aids are available which fit into the ear canal and are hardly visible. Complete in the canal hearing aids cannot be seen from outside and hence are called "Invisible". Different models of hearing-aids remedy different types of hearing loss. Completely in the Canal (CIC), In The Canal (ITC) and In The Ear (ITE) hearing-aids are custom designed to fit the wearer's ear inconspicuously; (perfect for those conscious of their looks).

 Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids are attached to a customised ear      mould. These can be modified so as to be compatible to external sound sources such as hearing training equipment, stereos or TVs, etc. These are useful for children and those who require high amplification. The pocket hearing-aid is economical and suitable for young children and elderly people   (ITE)    with dexterity problems.

Digital and Programmable computerized aids are the most technologically advanced and are available in CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE models. Digital technology enables one to hear loud and soft sounds, high and low tones practically at the level of a person with normal hearing. Added to which comes excellent speech intelligibility in noise. This means that low frequency noise, such as in a car or aircraft, is reduced and the clarity of speech enhanced to a pleasant level. You hear your environment again just as you would like to. There are individually adjustable hearing programs to provide this facility, e.g. for your home and your place of work. No internal noise spoils the hearing experience and, thanks to the latest technology, interference from cordless and mobile telephones is now drastically reduced. With precise fitting and smooth functioning, it is the ideal hearing instrument class for all age groups.